Having Trouble with eFolioMN?

If you've reached this page on our website, you've likely arrived here as the result of some error. 

Are you logging in at the correct Website?

Are you using the email address that you had when you created your account?

  • Assuming you didn't change the address in your account properties, try that original email address now.  If you no longer have access to that email address, contact our Support Team for assistance.

Do you remember your password?

  • If the answer is “no” it will be best for you to try the password reset link to create a new access code.  Password reset is available at http://login.efoliomn.com or http://login.myefolio.com. You must enter your Email Address and click the Log In (continue..) button to receive the "Click here if you forgot your password." link.

Is it possible that your account has expired?

  • If you have not logged in to your account or renewed it since January 2016, contact our Support Team for assistance.

Are you trying to access an eFolioWorld site?

  • Since July 2012, eFolioWorld has been branded as myeFolio.  If you had an eFolioWorld site and are attempting to find it, please check your URL and be certain that you've replaced eFolioWorld with myeFolio in the address (for example, login.efolioworld.com is now login.myefolio.com; and johndoe.efolioworld.com is now johndoe.myefolio.com).  

It is often helpful to clear cache in your browser, close out and start over. Always check the spelling and punctuation of your URL.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us!